Get Fit Friday: Partner Bootcamp [#MoveNourishBelieve]

Howdy folks! Grab a partner, swing ’em round and round!! Just kidding – don’t do that. But please do grab a partner! 😉

I’m going to start posting more workouts at least once a week now. Since I’m coming up with new ones weekly as it is for the bootcamps I lead, I may as well post some of them! In addition to that, I want to use the Lorna Jane philosophy more in my daily life. I love the idea of Move, Nourish, and Believe. In essence, those are three things that encompass almost all aspects of wellness – physical, nutritional, spiritual, emotional, etc.

In case you haven’t heard the name Lorna Jane’s an Australian-based Active Living clothing company. The founder, Lorna Jane Clarkson, spoke during the opening ceremonies at IDEA World Fitness Blogfest and she was so inspiring and so genuine! I highly encourage you to check out their website at and read more about her!

It can be difficult to know where to start if you’re looking to be healthier. Even if you’re already well on your journey, it’s always great to learn about new resources to improve your clean, healthy, active lifestyle. is a website with tons of great content about clean eating, exercising, inspiration, e-books, and more! I highly encourage you to check it out. Being healthy and active does NOT have to be a one-man journey. “It takes a village”. Okay – I know that’s referring to raising children (I think, right?), but the motivation and support of your friends and family is just as integral to your overall health and wellness! It’s even better when they decide to go along for the ride with you! Lucky for you, I’ve concocted this awesome partner bootcamp!

Exercising isn’t always fun, and it shouldn’t always be easy. For you lone rangers out there, hopefully you know how it can be some days when you are totally unmotivated to work out. Having a friend to work out with is great because they can hold you accountable and help to keep you motivated if you start to slack. (Don’t worry, we all need a little push now and again!)

For this week’s workout, you’ll need:

  • A partner
  • 1 set of moderate weight dumbbells
  • An agility ladder -OR- a pavement surface and sidewalk chalk
  • Yoga/exercise mat (optional)
  • Water (not optional) 😉

See below image for additional tips and information




  • 15 jumping jacks
  • 13 squat-to-press
  • 1 drill up the ladder
  • 11 push ups
  • 9 leg raises
  • 1 drill back down the ladder

The Agility Drill:

The goal of agility training is to improve balance, coordination, and overall athletic performance. The drill to be done today is an in & out drill. 

  • Quickly step both feet in one square
  • Quickly step both feet outside of that same square
  • Do those same two steps in the next square, and the next one, and the next one…



1. Try to stay on your toes as you move through the drill – literally! It’ll help you move faster.

2. Get low. Slightly bend the knees and keep your arms close to your sides.

The Squat-to-Press:

Squatting is a great, functional exercise using large muscles that require a higher cardiac output than other muscles in the body such as the biceps or triceps. This particular exercise is not only working the legs, but it is also working the deltoids (shoulder muscles) as well.

  • Stand with your feet just over hips width apart, parallel or very slightly turned out. Hold the dumbbells in front of your shoulders.
  • Squat down as if you were to sit on a chair, being sure to “throw” your hips back.
  • Rise up from the squat, and lift the dumbbells into an overhead press. Repeat.

Sporting my Reebok One Cushion running shoes


1. Be sure to keep your chest up when squatting

2. Make sure that your knees don’t go past your toes when you go down, and be careful that they don’t go inward during the squat.

3. During the overhead press, make sure not to arch your back too much. You can prevent this by engaging your core/abdominal muscles.

The Push Up

  • Start with the hands beneath the shoulders and the toes or knees on the ground, body fully extended.
  • Lower your body to the ground, but before you’re all the way down, push back up. Repeat.



1. Check your alignment: Ears in line with shoulders in line with hips in line with knees in line with ankles.

2. Push ups use muscles throughout the entire body – pectorals, abdominals, quads, and more. Utilize all of these muscles, and help avoid letting your back arch, putting too much pressure on your spine.

The Leg Raise:

  • Start with the legs slightly elevated off the ground. 
  • Raise them to a 90 degree angle, and lower back down. Be careful not to let your feet hit the ground between reps!



Don’t put your hands under your butt!!!


I hope that you guys try the workout and enjoy it! If you do, tag me on instagram or twitter – @run2yourownbeat ! Use the hashtag #MoveNourishBelieve and #R2YOB




Please feel free to post feedback or email me with suggestions, comments, or questions at 🙂


How will you #MoveNourishBelieve this weekend?



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