July Foodie Pen Pal Reveal!

Hello friends! I feel like I’ve been pretty elusive lately, save for these foodie pen pal reveals and a few other updates here and there. The weather is often so nice that in my free time, I don’t want to sit on my computer – I’d rather be outside enjoying the sunshine!

Earlier this week I got together with Kayla so her and I could work on our bio posters for our jobs teaching dance and gymnastics. Her and I pretty much had a field day in Hobby Lobby. I love scrapbooking and arts & crafty-type stuff. Here’s how mine came out!

photo 1


The Lean Green Bean

This foodie package is Whole30 approved, since I was on Whole30 when we were to send our dietary requirements to our counterparts. I received three awesome things from my pen pal Kathleen P.:

1. Gryffon Ridge Harissa Seasoning:

photo 5

I’m quite positive that I have never encountered a spice blend as unique as this. I’ve used it twice so far on sauteed vegetables and I just used it today with some grilled turkey cutlets. I didn’t use too much with the vegetables at first because I was afraid it would be spicy (I’ve got a sensitive palate!) but I used more with the turkey. I mixed it with fresh crushed tomatoes, onions, and olive oil. Once cooked, the aroma of the turkey has notes of both cumin, cinnamon, and something citrus-y. I can’t wait to try many more creations with it!

2. Sea Change of Maine Sea Salt:

photo 4

I’ve basically been using this anytime I cook now. This salt, harvested from the coast of Maine, has no bleaching agents, anti-caking agents, or any other additives. In my opinion, I think it has a much more pure, pungeant taste and brings out the flavors of anything I put it in.

3. Hari Tea Jasmin Green Tea & Ginger:

photo 2

Although hesitant at first, I really really like this tea! I’m usually not a fan of ginger, but the ginger flavor in this tea is very subtle. I made it as an iced tea – It was so tasty and refreshing! 🙂


Alrighty – that’s all for this Foodie Pen Pal reveal! Thanks to Lindsey at The Lean Green Bean for hosting and thanks to Kathleen P. for all your wonderful artisanal spices and tea from Maine! 🙂

Also, here’s a picture of wine at sunset. Because I like wine. And sunsets. But mostly wine.

photo 3


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