Confession: I successfully failed at Whole30 – Part 1

I feel like I haven’t been blogging enough lately – and I want to! I feel like I’m in a weird place in life right now, in the sense that I feel like I’m embarking on a more intellectual and emotional journey as opposed to a the physical (and kind of emotional) journey that I have been on for the past year and a half or so. I’m finding myself less focused on how I physically feel, and more focused on how I emotionally/mentally feel. (That’s doesn’t mean that I’m ‘letting myself go’ though!)

On July 5th, I began a Whole30 experience with EVERY intention of sticking with it, and I knew that it was physically possible for me because much of my diet is already quite similar to the plan’s format. I wholeheartedly stand behind the philosophy of the program.

Of his own will, my boyfriend decided to do it with me as well. The first five days were fine for me – I struggled a little bit missing my after-dinner chocolate, but I could deal with it. Steve said he felt so run-down and devoid of energy the whole time he was on the plan. Quite honestly, I thought he’d be the one to crack first! You might think that it was the sugar cravings or the need for bread or legumes or cheese that broke me. Actually, it was alcohol.

Before you jump to conclusions, no –  I’m not an alcoholic and I do not/have never had a drinking problem. I turned 21 this past March, and am still enjoying the social aspect that comes with the privilege to go out with friends and have a drink or two. Not only did I feel the pressure with friends, but with family as well! They didn’t force me into it – but they would offer me a glass of wine, and when they’re all having it, it’s difficult to say no!

The first time I went off-plan was after the Spartan Sprint at Blue Mountain Ski Resort. It was just about five miles all uphill and then all downhill. Times ranged from 1 1/2 hours all the way to 10 hours – I finished in about 4 hours. (That also includes time waiting at obstacles, burpees, etc. Nobody was running this race.) By the end, I said to my boyfriend, “GIVE ME THE FREE BEER”. It wasn’t that I needed it physically, but..okay. Maybe I needed it. Not really. I shouldn’t make excuses. I wanted the beer after, and then I wanted to have a meal filled with protein and vegetables – which I did.


The following day, I was leaving to go to Georgia for a week to visit with family. I met my parents and brother down there, all of whom had just flown in from Denver after my brother’s lacrosse tournament. I was still determined to maintain this plan. I packed all my leftovers in my carryon bag, I went grocery shopping once I got there, I even brought a little arsenal of spices, coconut oil, nuts and fruit, and other Whole30 foods to make traveling on Whole30 a little easier.

I made it until Thursday – where it all went downhill from there. Not even two weeks, and I had been broken. I did, however, learn some things from this short, less-than-successful attempt at Whole30. Stay tuned for Part 2 to find out just what I learned!

In the mean time…

Have you ever failed at something you thought you could do?

What are your ‘eating philosophies’?


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