Fitness Friday [Leg Day!]

Happy Friday everyone! I hope this week has been a successful one for you. I’m still in this weird limbo place between not being in school and starting an online educational program. My start date of that program is completely dependent on me (and several other factors), so I feel like I’m just waiting to exhale.

In the mean time, I need to hold myself accountable for giving myself structure in my daily life. That means not sleeping in til 9 (i’m the worst at going to bed early and waking up early), having structured meal times, controlling my portions, going to the gym every day (except saturday), and when I’ve exhausted all possible outlets, do my best to find something else productive to do.

Summer is a wonderful time to relax and enjoy life after a hectic school year (for those of you teachers/students). It’s also an easy way to slip into a lackadaisical behavioral pattern that could potentially give a very negative start to the following school year.

Here are some of the ways I’m attempting to give myself order:

1. Using a weekly calendar. (I purchased this one from I write out my daily schedules and things I’d like to accomplish that day/week. This sometimes includes meals if I feel I haven’t been as stringent with my diet.


2. Giving myself a bedtime/cutoff time. Have you ever been seeing someone, and find that you go out to eat much more frequently – especially during the week? It’s easy to get lost in conversation and be out til 11 or 12 at night. I’ll write it in my calendar to have a strict 10 pm or 10:30 cut off time and write in my calendar when I want to wake up.

3. Sitting at my desk more often instead of on my bed or on the couch. I’m thinking that I may need to get a more comfortable desk chair. I read a book the other day about organization for people with ADHD, and it said that if you frequently found yourself wanting to lay in bed or on the couch to work, to get a much more comfortable desk chair to minimize those urges. All of your papers and office supplies will stay in one place and you won’t have them lying all over the house.

4. Eating my meals at the kitchen table instead of at my desk. If I associate working at my desk with eating, I feel that anytime I’m working at my desk, then I will want to have a snack even if I’m not really hungry.

5. Building in time to relax and reflect. Typically, I’ll catch up on my late night talk shows (Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, John Stewart, Steven Colbert, etc.) when I lay in bed before I go to sleep. It may be a difficult habit to break, but I’m going to start using that time instead to either read or just lay silently and think about what I’m grateful for, what I can do to improve myself and help others, etc.

And now for Fitness Friday!!

So it is the thirtieth day of the fifth month of the year…and since there’s really no holiday associated with today, why not just celebrate the day in general!? This workout is dedicated to 5/30.


About the intervals on the treadmill – for the tabatas, don’t press stop/pause between intervals. Just pop your feet out onto the sides of the machine and wait out the 10 seconds. My typical sprinting pace is around 9 mph.

For the 30/20/10’s, you’re going to be using three different speeds. I usually do 8.5 mph, 9 mph, 9.5 mph. You could also do 8.0, 8.3, 8.5. It’s all personal preference – but you should be BREATHLESS! 🙂 (but don’t hurt yourself, please!)

Please keep in mind: you will be doing 150 reps of each of these exercises, so choose a weight that is comfortable yet challenging.

That’s all I’ve got for now ! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Questions for you:

What are some organizational tips of yours?

What are your plans for the summer months?


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