Bethlehem Restaurant Week Review: Twisted Olive

Hello folks! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend, and for those of you in the northeast, I hope you are staying warm and safe in this snow!! This will be my first ever restaurant review, and I was very pleased with my experience.


Over the weekend, I went to a restaurant called the Twisted Olive for Bethlehem, PA’s Restaurant Week. The restaurant was featuring a prix fixe menu – $35 for four courses.


Upon walking into the restaurant, I was overcome by delicious smells and live music, encompassed in a relaxing, sophisticated, and luxurious atmosphere. The staff only helped to enhance those characteristics.


Our waiter, Dave, was very professional, attentive, and helpful in choosing our food and drink selections. He recommended a cabernet sauvignon from Seven Falls Winery in the Columbia Valley in Washington state.


It’s tough sometimes when you are trying to eat a healthy, clean diet and you go to a restaurant that only has heavy foods that don’t adhere to your meal plan with little deviation. That was not the case with the Twisted Olive. I was able to have fresh greens and vegetables, lean proteins, while able to control and limit indulgences to small portions. A huge part of being healthy is being happy, and to be happy, I believe that one must have balance.

For my first course, I had grilled artichoke with smoked tomato vinaigrette over spinach.


The second course options were salads – I had baby greens with tomato, candied walnuts, cranberries, french feta (delicious), and balsamic vinaigrette


My main course was a-maaa-zing!! I had the Steak on a Stone – filet mignon with a porcini mushroom sauce, blu cheese sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. There was something pretty unique about this steak though…I cooked it myself!!


It’s called steak on a stone because they serve it on a 600 degree stone on which you cook it to your preference of done-ness. I always like mine well-done!


They also give you sea salt and garlic to season the steak to your liking. Once it was cooked, it was juicy, flavorful, and was absolutely perfect accompanied by the porcini mushroom and blue cheese sauces.



Of course…after a hard week, I treated myself to some dessert! I had House made gelatto du jour – chocolate with caramel and whipped creme, accompanied by a decaf cappuccino (apparently, they have a bad @$$ espresso/cappuccino machine!)


The staff was so incredibly friendly, the food was delicious, and I was in good company. I am definitely going to be returning to the Twisted Olive soon, and bringing friends! 🙂 I highly recommend this restaurant to anybody looking for a high-end yet slightly casual meal of delicious, savory and exciting flavors.


Have a great week everybody! 🙂


3 responses to “Bethlehem Restaurant Week Review: Twisted Olive

  1. Oh, my sister works at Twisted Olive! the artichoke is soo good!

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