Fitness Friday: Total Body Circuit

I haven’t gotten to posting too many workouts, and now that I’m training clients (okay, one client) (okay, it’s my aunt.) (but still), I’ve got those creative juices flowing and will hopefully be posting some more starting now!

This workout is one that I did with my client (my aunt, lol) and it definitely kicked her butt, but she felt awesome when she was done!

For this workout, you’ll need:

  • Stability ball
  • Medicine ball
  • Heavy dumbbells (for sumo high-pull and deadlifts)
  • Slightly lighter dumbbells (for shoulder press and bent over row)

Some tips…

  • Have everything set up beforehand so you can be as efficient as possible.
  • To time your intervals, use this tabata timer at this website or download this app to your smartphone (both are free!)
  • Complete as many reps as possible (with good form) during your ‘work’ period. It’s called work for a reason! 😉
  • Use poker chips or carrot sticks (or something) to keep track of your rounds if counting mid-workout isn’t your strong suit!

This workout is great for…

  • Raising your metabolism
  • Variety, for those who get bored easily
  • A mix of cardio AND strength!
  • A quick, effective workout that can be done at home with the right equipment!


Hope you guys enjoy this! If you get a chance to try it, I’d love to hear some of your feedback!!! 🙂

On a slightly more personal but still fitness-related note…

I’ve been lifting a lot more recently – intensely and with heavier weights. I sort of feel like my running endurance is slacking. Is it possible to still lift a lot but be able to run long distances? Or do I have to make a decision and choose between maintaining my endurance or lifting heavy weights?! I really like both! (Perhaps the problem is just the cold weather and being forced to run on a treadmill.) Thoughts!?

Also…I got spin shoes!! I have to say…SUCH a huge difference and my legs get a much better workout! 😉


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