Ladera Granola Review and Giveaway!!

HELLO dear friends! My apologies in my lack of posting lately. I’ve been taking a lot of time to study for my Anatomy & Physiology course so that I can end the semester with a passing grade, as well as teaching myself statistics for an online course. (not fun. don’t do it. ever.)

I have, however, been in correspondence with the friendly folks over at Ladera Granola. They sent me a sample of their original almond & pecan granola to try, and I love it! 

photo 1-1

Side note: They must be inside my brain cause they sent me  bubble wrap in the package..and anybody who knows me well knows that I have the mentality of a child at times, hence, I love bubble wrap. End side note.

My favorite thing about Ladera Granola is that you can actually pronounce all of the ingredients in their product. Made with rolled oats, almonds, pecans, cinnamon, maple syrup, and other spices, I feel safe in knowing that what I’m eating is real, whole food.

Nowadays, in an era filled with processed convenience food, it becomes easy to choose unhealthy foods and harder to find the healthier ones. The founders of Ladera Granola have created just one more way to fuel your healthy lifestyle while being good to our planet.

Not only is the granola low in sugar and high in fiber and protein, but their packaging is also healthy too..healthy for the environment, that is! Ladera Granola bags are 100% recyclable, so you can be good to the earth and recycle yours once you’ve finished enjoying it.

Check out their latest promo featuring the founder, Brian Butterfield:

Speaking of enjoying it, there are several ways I’ve chosen to fuel my body with Ladera Granola. Most days, I’m away from home from early morning to early evening – so a majority of my meals are on-the-go. I’ve been packing Ladera Granola all week with my greek yogurt. I managed to find the time to make myself a nice post-workout snack of a Greek yogurt parfait with honey, strawberries, and Ladera Granola, of course!

photo 2-1

Another way I’ve chosen to enjoy it is by dipping an apple in peanut butter and then in Ladera Granola. Yum!!


It has such a unique blend of spices unlike any other granola I’ve had before, so it tastes great all on its own too!

I’m always excited to find delicious foods that don’t contain any processed ingredients, so I want to be able to share it with you guys! Next friday, I will use Rafflecopter to pick two winners who will each receive a bag of Ladera Granola’s Original!! 🙂

Click here to enter the giveaway!


9 responses to “Ladera Granola Review and Giveaway!!

  1. I’d mix it with some Greek yogurt and fruit and just eat it right out of the bag.

  2. That granola looks absolutely delicious! The ingredients sound great as well. I am actually taking an online Statistics course this semester as well, and you are 100% correct–it is NOT fun at all!! I have a B in the course, but I’d rather have an A, of course. I am also taking Anatomy and Physiology, and that is definitely a fascinating course. Not always easy, but interesting.

  3. I would use Ladera Granola in yogurt parfaits.

  4. Hey! I added your blog to the PA Bloggers map. ( Please make sure that everything is accurate and spelled correctly on both the map portion and the alphabetical list. Thanks for adding your blog!

    Happy Blogging!

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