Update: Port removal and Wedding (and progress!)

Hi there, it’s been a while…I feel like the last two weeks have gone by way too quickly!! I just wanted to give a brief insight into what I’ve been up to lately.

  1. I finished radiation!

So glad to be done with it… my last treatment was last Wednesday. Radiation left me feeling so fatigued and my throat so sore. I was hardly eating because swallowing food hurt so much – I definitely lost a few pounds because of that. So, from not eating enough and being fatigued, I was far too tired to workout..so I went three days without working out. This neeever happens for me, and I wanna kick myself for it. I always have to remind myself to listen to my body – it’s okay if I miss a few days. I’ve been working very hard, and sometimes your body just needs a break. By this past Sunday, I was back on the horse (or spin bike) for class with my favorite instructor.

2. I got my port removed!

This is such a relief. I was super nervous to get it taken out. When they initially put it in, they gave me general anesthesia, so I was knocked out. I was shocked when they told me (over the phone) that I would be wide awake while they sliced open my chest and removed it. Freaking out. They told me I’d get local anesthesia, and I read different testimonials online that people said they didn’t feel a thing. Let me just point out that I had scheduled the port removal twice prior to this, but each time, they had to cancel/reschedule. -_-

Here’s the doctor’s set-up for his real-life game of Operation:


They had to put a grounding pad on me so that I would not get electrocuted when the doctor used the cautery to cut the sutures that attached the port to my muscle. A cautery is an instrument with an electric current used to sever/cauterize tissue. (not the kleenex kind, the inside-your-body-kind)


The best part is when he says to me, “don’t be alarmed if you smell something like burnt chicken.” I’m totally cool as a cucumber at this point. Just kidding. The little elyse in my brain was bouncing off the walls.

He proceeded to inject the local anesthesia. Because of chemo, needles don’t seem so bad to me anymore so that was really the only part that hurt. He sliced me open, and as he was pulling the catheter part out of my vein, it really just felt like there was tape on my chest and someone was tugging on it. I felt the cautery a tiny bit, but he just injected some more “stuff”. According to them I handled the whole thing relatively well…


Then, he sewed me up all nice-like and covered the incision with a dressing. I even get to keep the port! Here’s what the it looks like all cleaned up:


Yes, that was inside my chest for almost 11 months!!

3. Progress:


I finally met my goal weight! I feel like I’m finally able to indulge just a tiny bit more now that I’ve reached my goal – the difficulty is understanding moderation. It’s a lesson I am continually learning!

For example….


Since I’m such a party animal and did nothing for Halloween this year, I stole some of my younger brother’s candy, had my little binge and moved on with my life! 🙂

4. My best friend’s sister got married!! 

It was a really beautiful ceremony and an awesome reception. Our spin teacher was one of the photographers there, so we just had to sing “Lose Yourself” by Eminem during Karaoke. The night was filled with silly dancing, an open bar, happiness, and cake.





5. Here’s an oldie but a goodie of my best friend Kayla and I 😉 A real gem that I stumbled upon while perusing facebook the other day, circa Senior Ball 2011.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 10.57.11 PM

Describes many aspects of our friendship quite accurately…


Questions for you:

What have you been up to lately, friends?

Are you already getting pumped about healthy Thanksgiving Recipes? Gobble gobble!!



7 responses to “Update: Port removal and Wedding (and progress!)

  1. Veronica Heckman

    Congratulations on all your recent endeavors.

  2. Glad you are back to the blogging world! Sweet shoes in the picture with the grounding pad, haha, totally symbolizes that you are strong, athletic, and bright through all that!

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