Protein Bakery review and GIVEAWAY!

I have not had the time to do this review/giveaway, and that makes me so very sad. It’s has been on hold for a few weeks – however, I enjoyed this product so very much that it would be a crime for me to withhold it from you any longer!!!


The Protein Bakery makes muscle-building protein-rich baked goods that are made from all-natural ingredients and are trans-fat free, preservative free, and wheat flour free. 

The Protein Bakery’s founder, Stephen Charles Lincoln, has built the company off of the belief that to be happy, you should add balance to your life every day.


I myself have been learning this lesson more and more. I tend to get so caught up in my fitness routine and eating healthy that I need to also allow myself to indulge on occasion, when it’s earned through a hard workout. In my attempt to inspire others towards a healthier, more active lifestyle, I’ve encountered the challenge that many people value taste over nutritional value.

The Protein Bakery makes it easier to choose healthier options when it comes time to treat yourself.

When I received my sample package from The Protein Bakery, I felt like I had a little slice of heaven right in front of me. I quickly absconded the box into my room to assure that my family would not be tempted to eat any of it! In the box I received:

  • 1 lemon white chocolate blondie
  • 1 espresso brownie w/ cappuccino chips
  • 1 mini chocolate peanut butter brownie
  • 1 mini white chocolate chip blondie
  • 4 packs of cookies: peanut butter chocolate chip, oatmeal cranberry, chocolate with white chips, and oatmeal chocolate chip

photo 2

How lucky am I!?

I managed to get pictures of most of the goodies – sometimes I just felt like having a little treat and didn’t think to take a picture! That’s the sweet tooth in me. Baked goods are truly my weakness :p

photo 1

The Protein Bakery has a unique location they like to call the Sweet Spot. It is located at:

20 W. 20th Street, Sweet #309
New York, NY 10011

For their fall campaign, they ask that anyone who samples or orders their product to “Show Us Your Muscle!” This also includes the winner of my giveaway! 🙂 Submit a picture holding the product and making a muscle to I was too busy enjoying the product to take a pretty picture, but I still have the flyer, so this will have to do! :p


Anyone who submits a photo will be entered to win a free Baker’s Pick gift set (their largest gift set), and a T-shirt! The winner of my giveaway will receive a package just like mine! 

Other ways to enter this contest include liking them on Facebook or following them on twitter!

Click here for their facebook || Click here for their twitter

Check out their YouTube channel here


And now the giveaway!!! 

Click here to enter the Protein Bakery Giveaway!!


28 responses to “Protein Bakery review and GIVEAWAY!

  1. This place looks AMAZING!! We need something like that in the Lehigh Valley!

  2. I show my muscle by working out hard in the weight room! Gotta stay fit and healthy! 🙂

  3. I’m working on endurance in my running and strength training my muscles with at the gym. Lots of mirrors to show muscle there!

  4. These products sound delicious. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a great weekend, Elyse

  5. Favorite way to show muscle: Lifting heavy for sure

  6. My favorite way to build muscle is through my own body weight in doing yoga routines and attending classes. Also very good for proper body alignment and posture and use the mirror for checking!

  7. Favorite way to show muscle is flexing.

  8. I show off my muscle in BodyPump class at the gym.

  9. favorite way: curling hand to mouth with protein bakery goodies:)

  10. favorite? hefting large weights for max gains

  11. show muscle by getting out of my office chair to move my legs

  12. building shoulders (so i need calories and protein baked goods)

  13. building core strength

  14. favorite way: building guns that speak for themselves! lol

  15. show off by melting away my belly

  16. I always try to remember to “check my muscle”, form and posture in the gym with the mirrors including stretching appropriately and doing correct yoga postures. Thank you!

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