Week in review: When things don’t go as planned

I am SO glad that it’s Friday. Friday is the beginning of my weekend since I have no classes then – as I’m quite sure I’ve mentioned before – and I can kinda go by my own schedule. I don’t necessarily have to get up at 5 am to workout and have my shower stuff, lunch, and part of dinner packed for the day. I can enjoy my morning coffee and oatmeal, cooked fresh instead of prepared the night before.


Strawberry Banana fruit & nut oatmeal

So let’s go all the way back to last saturday, since I didn’t get to do a weekend recap post.


Ahh, rest day. I love/hate rest days. Love them cause I can relax, hate them because I feel lazy – but know that I need them. I worked in the A.M., then Kayla and I spent the day together grocery shopping, then had lunch and dinner together – followed by some quality Lifetime movies. Kayla and I looove our Lifetime movies.



After grocery shopping at Wegman’s, Kayla and I had a delicious lunch of sushi and veggie salads from their market cafe. I got the veggie roll, since I don’t exactly eat fish :p Following lunch, we went home and put our groceries away, then later in the evening had some of my leftover Ropa Vieja with cuban style rice, recipe from PaleOMG.

photo 2-3

I used pork loin instead of beef, like the recipe suggests.



The workout: I took spin with my fav instructor again, after not having taken a class for a week. AHHH It felt so good to sweat again!!!


This is the day that caused my week to be so stressful – and it’s unfortunate, because it was a really nice day too! Ordinarily on a Sunday, I’ll do my weekly food prep and any remaining grocery shopping, as well as preparing my clothes for the following day and packing my gym bag. However, the weather was absolutely perfect – so I made plans to cook and go hiking with a friend. We picked up a few groceries, then put all our ingrients in the crock pot for PaleOMG‘s Honey Apple Ginger Shredded Pork. Let me just say, smoked paprika is where it’s at, folks. I don’t know why I had never used this spice before – it’s so versatile!!! 

So, after putting all the ingredients in the crock pot, we headed up to Glen Onoko to hike. We ended up going up even higher than I had gone before, and the view was absolutely gorgeous!



Shortly after posing for this picture, I slipped a bit and got my entire foot soaked. Oops, I suppose I was asking for it by standing on wet, moss-covered rock near a water fall. haha

Shortly after posing for this picture, I slipped a bit and got my entire foot soaked. Oops, I suppose I was asking for it by standing on wet, moss-covered rock near a water fall. haha


The pulled pork didn’t exactly ‘pull’ quite well (I blame his crock pot.), but we accompanied it with roasted cauliflower (seasoned w/ garlic powder and smoked paprika), roasted asparagus, and a little brown rice. Yum!

So that’s my weekend…and now begins the hectic entity that is MONDAY.


The workout: 3 mile run (totally needed it to kick off this stressful week.) and strength training.

I had my 3 hour lab today, and then lecture later in the afternoon. Since I didn’t prep my turkey on sunday, I had a veggie salad. Between lab and lecture, I scrambled to have all my statistics HW done for my online course by midnight. Then the website we use to submit our homework and tests wasn’t working. I’m freaking out. Things not going as planned..dying.

Dinner consisted of Buffalo Chicken Pasta, recipe also from PaleOMG


I topped it off with a Laughing Cow blue cheese wedge

Let me also say that this mealdidn’t actually happen until about 9 or 10 at night, since I worked 4:30-7:30 and had to go home and actually cook the food.  Homework, let alone blogging, was just not happening at this point.


I was a little relieved at the fact that I was going to workout later in the day at 5:30 in spin class with my favorite instructur, so I could wake up in the morning and not be rushing around. I got a little HW done and had a delicious breakfast. Oh – wait – what’s that? I have to babysit tonight? Ahhhh. I don’t mind the babysitting at all – the thing is, I thought it was thursday evening! My mistake. So, created a little plyometric circuit for myself with a few crossfit exercises thrown in there, and worked out after class. I had eaten about an hour before my workout, and felt like I was going to vom the entire time, but as the lovely Jillian Michaels says,

Unless you faint, puke, or die, keep going. 

Here’s the workout I did that day:

Try it and let me know what you guys think! :)

Try it and let me know what you guys think! 🙂


I brought some leftover buff. chicken pasta for dinner, and after I got home later that night, I was exhausted.


I rather like Wednesdays because I don’t have class til 2. But this Wednesday was different – I had my first exam of the year in Anatomy & Physiology. Needless to say, I was freaking out.

OH wait! Thanks mom, for reminding me this morning that I have radiation simulation (to get measurements, make markings, etc.) today at 10:30 which takes AN HOUR. Freaking out, even more. I rescheduled the appointment for Monday at 1 (since they had nothing open before then. and I ended up getting a call that my oncologist was concerned that I had not started radiation yet.

I know, I know. My health should be a priority. But school is also a priority too!! It stresses me out so much when I feel unable or guilty prioritizing other things before that.

Back to school..The exam was on chapters 1, 2, and part of 3 which she HAD JUST TAUGHT US ON MONDAY. Okay. Pooping my pants, all morning.  I may or may not have asked her to grade my exam right after I finished..I was that anxious. I didn’t do fantastic, but I didn’t fail. Only means I have to go up from here!

The workout: Abs and a solid 4 mile run which was much needed since I was extremely tense already, even though it was like 8 am.

Lunch consisted of a salad with some of the chicken from the buffalo chicken pasta, and dinner was Spaghetti and Meatball bites, also from PaleOMG. Can you tell that PaleOMG has awesome recipes? You should probably check her out. Her name is Juli. She’s very funny, and she’s very real.



I had work 4:30-7:30 again, so dinner yet again happened at like 10 at night. I really dislike having to eat my meals so late at night, because then I’m up later and am too tired to prepare things for the following day.


Ordinarily, Kayla and I take bootcamp at the gym at 5:45 am. So she calls me at 5, and says “Are you up?” I’m like, “Yeah, I’m up.I blink, and it’s 6:45. WHYYYY.  I was really sad about missing my morning workout and a little frustrated that I had to do it later in the day. I used the time instead to finish up my rough draft of an essay for english, then headed off to school for my 9:30 class. I had called kayla on the way to find out what the bootcamp workout was so that I could do it at the school gym.

I utilized a little of the time before and after sociology to hang up some flyers for Sweat Pink at NCC . I’ve been getting emails from people interested in the club, and I’m so excited about the awesome things we’re going to do!



I actually have a picture of my lunch from Thursday! Delicious veggie salad, YUM!

IMG_2870I ate it during a Leadership Workshop for clubs at NCC. I’m really enjoying learning how to lead, organize, and plan for a club.

Dinner was some leftover Spaghetti & Meatball bites.

The workout: Bootcamp workout – 

5 minutes suicides (I just ran at a faster pace on the treadmill)

2 minutes each:

  • Mountain climbers
  • In & outs sitting on step
  • Jump rope 
  • Man killers (8 lb weights above head – lunge right, lunge left, dumbbells to ground, jump feet out, renegade row right and left, jump back up)
  • Box Jumps

10 push ups, 1 min V-ups, 10 crunches/sit ups (descending 9, 8, 7, etc.)

5 min suicides (running)

Since I had eaten a little earlier, I was kinda hungry throughout my workout but still pushed through it. I was also able to get acquainted with some of the people who use the gym at school as well as the staff in that department.


I was going to do crossfit at 6 am, however since I fell asleep while my iphone was updating to iOS 7, I forgot to set any alarms to wake me up on time and didn’t hear my phone ring/receive any text messages! I woke up at 8 and was quite disappointed. I decided to give myself a break after this stressful week, and just take my morning at my own pace and go for a run a little later in the day before work at 4.

Random thoughts and musings from the week:


Okay, so maybe this week doesn’t quite sound as stressful as it actually felt to me, but maybe the source of the stress comes from deviating from what I had planned or would’ve liked to have planned.

The weather

It was colder this week, and Fall always brings about this weird nostalgic feeling in me. It reminds me of when I was 14, and dating what I suppose you’d call my ‘first love’ (maybe?). Most of the time we hung out, we did fall-related activities or were outdoors. The Halloween parade, celtic fest, homecoming dance, football games..it all reminds me of this time when I was young and more carefree (and maybe stupider too..). While I felt so much older and mature at the time, I realize now how naive I truly was.

To pacify these yearning feelings when I’d rather be enjoying the weather and making memories instead of in class, studying, and making sure I stay organized, I decided to listen to some of the songs that were some of my favorites from my early high school years. Some of the bands I’ve been listening to this week are The Rocket Summer, Jack’s Mannequin, The Maine, Mayday Parade, All Time Low, Mercy Mercedes, and We The Kings. (Albums circa 2009/10 or earlier)

Being prepared

I need to be sure that I set aside time on the weekends to prepare my food for the week, so that during the week I can spend that time studying and doing homework.

Hopefully this weekend will be one of relaxing, recooperating, reorganization, and preparation.

Questions for you:

What do you think of the new iOS 7 update?

What memories does fall remind you of?

Aren’t crock pots just the best thing ever??? 😉



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  1. great blog and man you have lots of food on here lol. I’m gonna have to try one or two because they look goooood.

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