My first 5-mile run – reaching my goal

Hello folks! Hope you are all having a fantastic week. This past sunday, Kayla and I set out for a run – my longest run yet – just about 5 miles.

Anytime I run, I get a little nervous and excited beforehand. Some things I get nervous about are whether or not I’ll get too tired, or even if my sports bra will give me enough support. (valid concern, right?) I made sure to have some carbohydrates with my dinner to have energy for the longest run I’ve ever done. About 15 minutes before my run, I took some Energy Bits.  (review and giveaway to come soon! hint hint..the fact that I’m even able to post about a 5 mile run says that the definitely work!)


Starting out – Mile 1

We started our run around 8 pm. We did about a half a mile fast-walk for a warm up, and then began running. I had this little water-bottle fanny pack type thing since I feel like something that holds me back from running longer is getting really thirsty by mile 2/3.


About halfway through this first mile, we both really had to pee! Luckily we were approaching a restroom. The park we were running in had benches and water fountains along the path as well.

Mile 2

I felt much better after emptying my bladder! I kept my pace up and was still able to see Kayla in front of me. I had my music, my water bottles, hat, and the path in front of me. What more do you need in life? Except for maybe food, clothing, shelter…minor details. :p

Mile 3

At this point, I could barely see Kayla – partially because it was pretty dark out and because I can’t see crap without my glasses. I had made peace with the fact that Kayla is just able to run at a faster pace for longer distances – and that’s fine. She’s been running longer than I have, so I shouldn’t make myself resent running by pushing harder than I’m able to handle. That’s the whole idea behind the name of my blog – run 2 your own beat. I’ve always been different from others in some respect, and whenever I find myself getting frustrated at falling behind, I tell myself ‘run to your own beat’. I’m okay with not being the fastest – I just kept running, knowing that I’m doing something great for both my mind and my body. Also, it had gotten really dark out, so we were pretty scared!

Mile 4

Somewhere between miles 3 and 4, my right ankle would hurt every time I would step on it. I don’t know why, but I always get worried that I’m going to injur myself, especially when running on an uneven surface. Regardless, I still kept running. My pace had definitely slowed down, but I still kept running nonetheless. The only time I really stopped was to figure out where we were going.

Mile 5

By the time we hit mile 5, I have no idea what kept me going – mentally, that is. Part of it might have been the rape-y looking pick up truck that we passed during our last mile, or the fact that the fastest way to get this path done was to just keep running – and that I did. I wanted the run to be over because it was so dark out, and I wanted to contemplate what I had learned about myself through this experience.


I learned:

  1. I should never run at night. Seriously, ever.
  2. I am capable of running 5 miles non stop – eventually. Heck, I can run a half marathon too! All it takes is training, patience, and listening to my body.
  3. I know that I am now able to run a full 5k without stopping, which means…I’ve accomplished my goal of running a 5k by the end of the summer!!!
  4. I want to get my distance pace up a little bit. Right now, it’s around 6.3 mph (ish) and I’d like it to be closer to 7 mph consistently throughout a run.

I’m so thrilled to be able to say that I ran 5 miles. The feeling right after I finished is almost emotional. I was never a runner – even when I played field hockey as a kid, I played goalie because I didn’t like running very much. Then in middle school, I could never keep up with the other girls on the team who were much more athletic than me. I’m still astounded that I am able to push my body further than I ever thought possible.

Keep an eye out for my post with the Energy Bits review and giveaway 🙂

Questions for you:

What are your current fitness goals?

How do you push yourself to achieve them daily, and long-term?


8 responses to “My first 5-mile run – reaching my goal

  1. lifeandfitnessbyashley

    Congrats on being able to run a 5k! That is awesome!! I’m not too much of a runner. I like to stop a lot haha. If I do run I like to do intervals.

  2. Kudos to you! 5 miles is my max distance as well (though I can’t do it as fast as you); it’s intense!!

  3. Love the goals and lessons you learned… I am NOT good at running in the afternoon/night- definitely a morning runner girl 🙂

    • Thanks Cori! Kayla and I usually do strength training and spin in the morning, which I prefer – but for some reason I just really like running in the evening, especially when there’s a pretty sunset!

  4. Great job girl! 5 miles- you should be so proud!

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