Daily Burn Review!

Do you ever have those days where you really just can’t make it to the gym because there’s just too much to get done? I’ve been having quite a few of those lately since I’m really picking up the pace with my NASM studying.

As a Bulu Box Ambassador, I’m able to try a fitness website called Daily Burn for 30 days. If you haven’t already heard of Daily Burn, I highly recommend you check it out. This company is amazing! They have a huge variety of workouts for individuals at any fitness level. Some of the workouts they have are high-intensity cardio, 15 minute workouts targeting different areas of the body, dance workouts, and yoga.

My favorite workout is definitely Daily Burn Inferno with trainer Anja Garcia. She’s a pediatric nurse, fitness instructor, and personal trainer. She is so passionate about motivating you as much as she can through a video using a team mentality, where no man is left behind. When the going got tough, I felt like she was right there with me. The workout is a 21-day program and there is a daily challenge in each workout. It cycles through MetCon (metabolic conditioning), full mobility, power training, intervals, and one final challenge at the end. Every few days, there’s strength recovery yoga so you have time to rebuild.

Here’s my set-up and me post-inferno:


I’ve only been doing Inferno for a little bit over a week, but I’m already starting to see results!! Keep in mind this is also combined with a pretty strict diet.


Some other workouts I’ve tried were the DB15 core, LUC 180, DB15 yoga, and Move! Bollywood. I’ve always wanted to try bollywood dancing, so this was a good way to get out of my comfort zone without feeling like tons of people were watching me. The LUC 180 was a great quick workout to burn some calories and work on building that lean muscle in a short amount of time. DB15 core doesn’t just work your abs – it stresses that your core is a conglomeration of muscles in your back, stomach, sides, and glutes. DB15 yoga provides an easy way for me to relax and recover after a hard workout or even when I have down time.

In all of these workouts were exercises I’ve never done before and they worked my body in a different way and gave me the push to start getting over the plateau I’ve been on for a month or so now.

It takes a certain amount of self motivation to be able to complete any at-home workout, however, the DB trainers do a great job at motivating you and letting you know what you’re doing and why it’s going to benefit you. One other neat thing about the program is that in each workout, it lets you know on average how many calories you’ve burned.

Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate Daily Burn a 10! It’s so inexpensive and costs less than most gym memberships. All you need is some basic equipment and an open space and you’re good to go! 🙂


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