What I Ate Wednesday!

‘Ello chaps! I’m so glad to be done with chemo so I can now regularly post about my food and exercise endeavors! Lets get right to it! Mops at the ready folks – you will be drooling.


For dinner a few days ago, I made a yummy chicken margherita pizza. I used the Flatout multigrain flatbreads, balsamic chicken, perlini fresh mozzarella, fresh bazil, and a sprinkle of grated parm. The sauce is homemade – the ingredients are:
Crushed tomatoes
Fresh basil
Fresh garlic
Onion powder
Salt & pepper

To prep the pizza, I brushed the flatbread with a little olive oil, and cooked it on perforated foil on the grill.


I also accompanied the dish with a spinach salad with garlic, olive oil, balsamic, and tomatoes!

Next, I made a yummy skinny shepherd’s pie that I got from Blondes Have More Run

My recipe had a few variations – I used two of Joseph’s multigrain mini pitas, pulled apart and layered one on the bottom and one right under the layer of sweet potatoes. Instead of using turkey, I used chicken. I diced it and cooked it on the stove in organic low sodium chicken broth, dill, parsley, and oregano. I also added two bay leaves and a dash I salt and pepper for flavor.

Bottom to top, the layering went as follows:
Mixed veggies
Broth (1/3 c.)
Mashed sweet potatoes

I then microwaved it for 6 minutes. It was so delicious!!!


And now for some pictures πŸ™‚


Spinach & romaine salad with mini sweet peppers, cucumber, carrots, cherries, and a mix of Wegman’s poppyseed dressing and balsamic! Along with a strawberry Chobani πŸ™‚


The waitres at Olive Garden probably wanted to kill me for being one of those people at a restaurant. I was really trying to watch my calories, carbs sodium, and fat. What I got was whole wheat Linguine alla marinara. I asked for grilled chicken, 1/2 the amount of pasta that they would normally use, and then to fill the rest of the plate with broccoli. My boyfriend had some grilled zucchini that he didn’t want, so it was a perfect addition! I filled up on salad, and only ate about half of the entree.

One last little treat..


Cinnamon roll pancakes!! I used Bisquick Complete Multigrain pancake mix. For the swirl, just a little melted butter, cinnamon, and dash of brown sugar! That white stuff may or may not be marshmallow fluff… πŸ˜‰

That’s about it for now! Bulu box post coming soon πŸ™‚


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