Power In Pink & featured post :)

Hi guys! I’ve been a little sparse with the posts lately. As I said before, I’ve kicked up the intensity of my workouts. Every day this week, I’ve gotten up early to train hard and then went back to the gym for work. I’ve also been doing some more research for school – it’s looking like I’m going to start studying for my NASM CPT in July, and in the fall I’ll start taking individualized transfer classes at community college to eventually begin an online bachelor’s degree program in health science in nutrition. Yay! I really feel like I’m on the path to a career, whereas before it just felt a little bit more fuzzy because the field I was going to isn’t very big.

Featured Post

A friend of mine has recently started a lifestyle blog, and asked for girls to send in their stories/selfies and answer a short series of questions. She recently featured me in a post, and I’d love for you guys to check it out! I want to thank her for publicizing my story and hopefully I’ll be able to inspire even more people!

Take a minute to check out the post on Ashley’s Blog.

I also got some new gear! An Under Armour hat from their Power In Pink collection, and a pair of Nike Flex running shoes.


Power In Pink

I love the purpose behind this collection – “to celebrate women (like me) who use fitness & an active lifestyle in their fight against (breast) cancer.”

This is exactly what I have done in the past several months. Instead of ‘taking it easy’ and letting my body get strong on its own, I’m pushing myself every day I can to get stronger and improve my overall health. I’ve found myself recovering better from my treatments, and it has also been an amazing way for me to take my mind off of what a stressor this entire experience has been. I’ve become more motivated, and have taken the initiative to plan my next steps in life – from recreational activities like going to Las Vegas with my boyfriend, to the future career I want to have in nutrition and personal training. Everytime I train myself, I get more and more excited about what my body and mind are capable of that I never thought possible.

Giving myself structure with my diet and a regular exercise regime has also taught me to savor the little things even more – the small joys in life – to create a balance. I appreciate the notion of working hard and feeling like you deserved what you earned. When you fight for something as hard as I have been fighting for my health, you don’t want anything to stop you from getting anything you want in life, ever again.

You can check out the Under Armour Power In Pink collection here.

I’ve never wanted to make such a difference in people’s lives until I realized how much I needed it in my own.

I leave you with this folks – make sure everything you do every day counts towards something. Each day should bring you closer to your ultimate goals – then when you reach those goals, make a new one and nose to the grindstone. 🙂


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