Favorite running tunes!

Does anyone else literally feel unable to run unless you have your music? To quote my best friend, “Having danced from the age of 2 until high school, I like following the beat with my tempo. In a way, it’s a form of dancing…I’m moving my body to the beat.” (Blondes Have More Run) I, as well, had danced since the age of 2 until graduating high school. I may not have been the best but choreography came easily to me as well as moving in rhythm.



Getting a good stretch in after working out!

I’m picky with my running music – it has to be at just the right tempo so that each step goes with the down beat. That way, in my own little world, it makes me feel like every stride radiates down to the earth – it keeps me focused and in my ‘zone’. I’m also guilty of occasionally grunting to push myself further!


Here’s my current running playlist:

  1. Can’t hold us –  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis; great for elliptical!
  2. Boom – ItaloBrothers
  3. Love is on fire – ItaloBrothers
  4. Stamp on the ground – ItaloBrothers
  5. Misery business – Paramore
  6. Ignorance – Paramore
  7. Come & Get It – Krewella (current favorite)
  8. Untouched – The Veronicas
  9. and this, for when I need a good butt-kicking workout… (converted it into an MP3)

It’s a pretty short playlist, but I definitely could use some suggestions! Thoughts, anybody? 🙂


2 responses to “Favorite running tunes!

  1. Love this playlist! I’m the same way- if my phone dies mid way through a run and the music shuts off, I will stop right in my tracks, turn around and start walking home. i cant do it without the beat!

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