Click here for cheeseburger!

SIKE. Shame on you for clicking šŸ˜‰ but I’m glad you did.


Enjoy that folks, this is as close as you’ll get to a cheeseburger here.




hahaha. p.s. i really don’t like cats…

We all have cravings, it’s human nature. Even my best friend, my little fitness barbie Kayla, (Blondes Have More Run) gets cravings too. For me, because I’ve recently started this new healthy lifestyle, these cravings come on like a tidal wave and I come so close to caving. Sunday night while I was at work, I wanted a cheeseburger more than anything. I had eaten healthy all day but by the time my shift was almost over, I was hungry again. I had to get a workout in after, and I was trying to negotiate myself how it would be okay if I ate maybe half a cheeseburger if I worked out. I’m telling you, I almost caved. I texted Kayla immediately and admitted my craving. She reminds me why it’s not worth it to give into it, especially if I haven’t even reached my goal yet.

So, Sunday I did my “Itty Bitty Cardio” once through and some strength training. I decided on a subway sandwich on 9-grain honey oat with 2 slices of turkey, provolone, lite mayo, and extra lettuce. That satisfied my craving for some substantial food. The desire for a burger had passed.

This morning, I had an AMAZING workout. I started my day off right. I had some rolled oats with 1 tsp brown sugar, 1 tbsp organic peanut butter, and some strawberries. Tasted like PB & J!


Did itty bitty cardio twice through, did four leg workouts, as well as some arms and core toning. My workout looked like this, and boy was I proud šŸ™‚ The skinny dips, dead lift curl v’s, and tummy tucks were all workouts I got from ToneItUp, and I’ll put them in another post this week!


Now, as I was between sprints and yogging (yes.) in my itty bitty cardio routine, I stopped or slowed down a few times. I’m always disappointed in myself when I lose the mental toughness to keep going and accomplish what I set out to in the first place. As I began the second tim through, I pictured Jillian Michaels. Yup, that crazy, in your face personal trainer and TV personality on The Biggest Loser. This kind of reenforcement doesn’t work for everybody, but for running, at least for me, I feel that it does. Anytime I wanted to hold on to the treadmill or pause my workout, I imagined her yelling at me “STOP STOPPING! WHY ARE YOU STOPPING? WHY?” and I really asked myself, why am I stopping? Because I’m dripping in sweat? Because I’m out of breath or have a side sticker? Because everytime I’m running, I make a really unattrative cringing face?

“Unless you faint, puke, or die, keep running!”

My new mantra, folks.

Newsflash people. Running isn’t pretty. It’s very very ugly. You mouth the words to your song as you blast it thorugh your headphones, sweat is flying off of your face and onto the treadmill, and you make the occasional weird noise that sounds like you’re waking up from a fever dream. At least I do, that’s normal right?

After my workout, I treated myself to a tall skinny iced hazlenut macchiato from starbucks and a protein bistro box. I was starving! Gotta rebuild those muscles. Now…Starbucks is across the street from Wegmans. Wegmans. Wegmans is the Disneyworld of supermarkets. It is my favorite place other than my bed, which I will be giving some severe loving after I finish this post. (It’s almost 2 AM, friends.) I always get a little overexcited when I go to Wegmans.


Mmm, deliciousness šŸ™‚

So, friendos, the point I would like to close with, is the fact that no amount of cheeseburgers or pizza can top the way I feel after an amazing workout like today. My legs are screaming and I walk like I have a stick up my butt, but in the end, it will all be so worth it šŸ™‚


2 responses to “Click here for cheeseburger!

  1. hahah I love this post…from beginning to end!! What is yogging btw?

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